Finally "The Sun" is out! First Release by "The Osmotic Effect" since 2005.

An Epic in four parts including Full On Dancefloor Versions, Dub Version and Ambient Version:

Most of the material released by The Osmotic Effect was produced between 1996 and 2005.

The Album "Food For The Spirit"  (originally released 2004 on MindSound Records) was sort of an a secret tip back then.

Nonetheless  especially the unreleased material deserves to be enjoyed.
Alex  finished another Album in 2004 (Perelin), on which he had worked on for about 3 years. None of this material was released untill recently - as well as some more tracks  for another EP (Changes).

There is a funny short Bio on this page below.

Take a listen to some previously unrevealed pearls.

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I made a comment on every single track on SoundCloud.

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Food For the Spirit - Full Album (1998-2004 MindSound Records)

Perelin - Previously Unreleased Album (2001 - 2005)

Changes - Previously Unreleased EP ( 2003-2005)

Here is a funny, little autobiographical essay from some years ago:

Bio-logical reasons (as stated in 2004):


It looks like I`ve really been thinking hard about my artistname. But to tell you the truth it happened to be a joke about silly band names like: Scooter, Halluzinogen, Modern Talking or Children of the Bong...
My friend Ingo (Fraktalisman hahaha!) took a  glance into his old biologybook and cried out laughing: "Now you`re "The Osmotic Effect".
Here we go. ...yeah all names somehow fit and they don`t seem to effect the quality of the productions. Although I must say there is a little difference in quality of the productions of the artists I mentioned above...... I have only chosen them for example! ;-)
My reallifename is Alexander Ranft.
My music addiction probably started when I was 3 or 4 years old. Listening even to the worst LP my parents bought (allthough I must say they also have a lot of excellent stuff!). Also my Grandmother used to listen to classical music a lot. She introduced me to "The Magic Flute", which became one of my alltimefaves.
My Uncle gave me his old tapemachine when I was 7 yar old with 100s of tracks which were popular in the 70`s... and somehow I did like a lot of that stuff, especially Frank Zappa and Jean-Michel Jarre. I started playing flute and did this for quite a long time and then played piano for a while, but I was more interested in jaming on opentune chords rather than doing fingerexercises - so I quit the piano after a short introduction into "How to sit straight infront of the Piano".
In 1983 Breakdance hyped Germany and I loved it. I practiced every free minute between the school classes and I moonwalked more than I did normally walk. I used to spend ages in stores playing with synthezisers. Probably the best present I ever got for Christmas was the "Thriller" LP by MJ. I listened to it at least 5 times every day for more than one Year - I`m not sure my parents knew what they had given me (apart from seeing me jumping around with headphones on). I started collecting every single piece of music I could get hold of and spent hours upon hours  sitting at the radio recording the newest chartentries on tape. All my pocketmoney was soon spent on LPs and I found out that the electric guitar was the most important instrument in the world. So I strarted playing and got lessons, but the jazz-pop-licks my teacher tried to teach me did not fit into my understanding of making music. So after 1 year I decided to teach myself. Actually most of it was playing a single chord for houres and houres on some strange plantinfluence. You know that one chord can truely feel like enlightment!
I started making hopelessly spaced out music with my friends in several undefined bandprojects. Sometimes we even recorded sessions on tape. Actually most of the stuff we recorded was us talking nonsense with a drawn-delay-chord in the backround.
After I finished school and my civilwork in ´95, I went on a travel to India and guess were I first headed to?
Arriving in Goa I could not believe how people could totally freak out about a few silly bassdrumkicks. For some reason I did not really like most of the tracks  which were played (maybe I just hit the wrong DJs?) I somehow catched the vibe.
Back in Germany I started recording tracks with minimal equipment. An old Bassguitar, my Electric Guitar, my friends housewife-50 bucks-synthesizer, a multi-effect and an 8-track tapemachine.
My friend Markus showed me this Rebirth PC Software and from that moment on I was seen most of the time sitting infront of my new PC`s Monitor.
The Evolution of SoftwareSynths, Effects etc. is quite amazing . Apart from a Microwave2 Synth, a nice Mix Console, some lovely  little Controllers, some excellent Studiomonitors and of course the PC with nice Soundcard I dont use any hardware equipment at the moment.